学校在让学生掌握中文的同时,也让学生了解更多的汉语传统文化。为此,学校把精选的儿歌、歌曲、诗词、话剧 、故事、成语、典故、三字经、千字文、百家姓和历史故事融入各年级教学,使学语言、学文化、学做人融为一体。


为了贯彻落实至善的教学理念: “老师是教练、家长是陪练,学校是导演”,学校建立了 “家长、老师、学校” 三位一体的通讯网络,保持与家长的高度联系。与此同时,学校也建立了教师培训微信群,通过相互间的切磋和经验分享,以提高教学质量。

为了给学生提供一个良好的教学环境,让学生在快乐的氛围中学习成长,学校租用了公立学校作为办学地点,分别位于北素里的 Fraser Heights Secondary School (地址: 16060 108 Ave, Surrey, BC, V4N 1M1),和中素里靠近 Delta 市的 Princess Margaret Secondary School (地址: 12870  72 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 2M9)。注册的学生除了素里市外,还有来之于Langley、Delta 和 Burnaby 的学生。

另外,为了让学生更多地了解汉语的传统文化,学校还积极组织或参与 “回家过年” 的冬令营和 “青少年寻根之旅” 等活动。


Supreme Mandarin School was established in 1994, which is in the city of Surrey of Great Vancouver in BC.

It has mainly been focused on teaching Mandarin, Hanyu Pinyin and Simplified Chinese Characters. The textbook we used was imported from China, which has been written specifically for the oversea students to receive a formal and systematic education in Chinese language.

The grades are provided as follows: Kindergarten (4+ years), Grade 1 to Grade 12, provincial Challenge Test and Oral Conversation focused. The courses provided are suitable for both Mandarin or non Mandarin speakers.

During learning Chinese, students also learn Chinese traditional culture through a set of selected Children’s songs, Songs, Poems, Plays, Stories, Idioms, Allusions, Three-character script, Thousands of words, Family name trees and Historical stories. By this way, students will learn language, culture and good behavior together.

With a high standard, a mission of “Teaching behavior, Delivering knowledge and Solving confusions” and a good knowledge of Chinese literary, our instructors are experienced and responsible, rigorous teaching and full of love. They adopt a simple, progressive and edutainment teaching approach to get students to obtain  a solid and effective skill of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese. Because of these achievements, the students from this school have passed the provincial examination by 100% over the years. And also, one of non-Chinese students was selected as an actor by a Chinese film director.

Based on the philosophy of “Teacher is a coach; Parent is sparring and School is a director”, we established a network to link parents, teachers and school together. We also set up a WeChat group for teachers with the purpose of learning each other, sharing the experiences and improving teaching quality.

In order to provide a nice place for students to learn and grow up in a cheerful atmosphere, we rented the public schools as school campus at Fraser Heights Secondary School (16060 108 Ave, Surrey, BC, V4N 1M1) in North Surrey, and Princess Margaret Secondary School (12870  72 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 2M9) in meddle Surrey near Delta. The students enrolled are from Surrey, Langley, Delta and Burnaby.

Also, in order to help students learn more about Chinese traditional culture, we actively organize or participate in the winter camps such as “Happy New Year Tour in China” and “Family Tree Seeking Tour by Youth”.

Over the years, the school has been dedicated to teaching Chinese, adhering to the Chinese culture, and promoting the multiculturalism in Canada. By the mission of cultivating students’ universal value and social responsibility, we rigorously study and work hard to spread Chinese traditional culture.  We wish all of our students all the best in their future endeavor.

2019 / 20  学年, 第一学期开始招生 (Enrollment for 1st Term of 2019 / 2020 School Year)

  • Fraser Heights Secondary School
开设从幼儿班到高级班的全部课程。All courses from kindergarten to advanced level are offered at this location.
  • Princess Margaret Secondary School
开设从幼儿班到高级班的全部课程。All courses from kindergarten to advanced level are offered at this location.


2019 / 20  学年,  两个学期 (2019 / 2020 School Year, 2 Terms)

上课日期和时间 (Class Date and Time):
  • 日期 (Date):
    • 第一学期 (1st Term):   2019 年 9 月 7 日 ~ 2020 年 1 月 18 日 (September 07, 2019 ~ January 18, 2020)
    • 第二学期 (2nd Term): 2020 年 1 月 25 日 ~ 2020 年 6 月 13 日 (January 25, 2020 ~ June 15, 2020)
  • 时间 (Time):  9:15 AM ~ 11:45 AM
    • 星期六 (节假日除外, 共30节课), Saturday (excluding Statutory Holidays, total 30 Sessions)

上课地点 (Class Locations):

Campus One (North Surrey/Fleetwood/Langley)

Fraser Heights Secondary School

Address:  16060 108 Ave, Surrey, BC, V4N 1M1

*  Free Parking Lot

该地点开设除高级班以外的的全部课程。All courses except advanced level are offered at this location.

Campus Two (Delta/Newton/South Surrey/White Rock)

Princess Margaret Secondary School

Address:  12870  72 Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3W 2M9

*  Free Parking Lot

该地点开设从幼儿班到高级班的全部课程。All courses from kindergarten to advanced level are offered at this location.