1年级 (儿歌、小话剧班):学唱儿歌、简单的话剧表演。

2年级 (讲、表演故事班):引入童话、民间故事、神话及历史故事。通过故事,学习字、词、句和口头的表达能力,为以后的汉语写作打下良好的基础。

3年级 (讲、表演成语故事班):增加汉语成语的学习。通过成语故事,理解成语的含义,学会使用恰当的成语表达,进一步丰富汉语词汇。

4年级 (讲演表演典故故事班):补充成语故事和典故故事。通过成语典故故事,学哲理、学做人、学文化和学文字,提高汉语书面和口头的表达能力。

5 ~ 7年级班:学习《三字经》、《百家性》、《千字文》和《弟子规》,背诵及理解其含义,同时进行图文结合的写作练习。

5年级 (诵读《三字经》及故事班):增加汉语成语的学习。通过成语故事,理解成语的含义,学会使用恰当的成语表达,进一步丰富汉语词汇。

6年级 (追根溯源《百家性》班):补充成语故事和典故故事。通过成语典故故事学哲理、学做人、学文化和学文字,提高汉语书面和口头的表达能力。

7年级 (通古论今《千字文》班):

8 ~ 12年级班:重点培养学生的文学素养,通过阅读古典名著和诗词、作文辅导、时政分析、读报和写作等,进一步学习中国的传统文化、了解中国的人文历史和典故。

8年级 (上下五千年《历史故事 1》班):

9级 (上下五千年《历史故事 2》班):

10年级 (上下五千年《历史故事 3》班):

11级 (上下五千年《历史故事 4》班):

12年级 (上下五千年《历史故事 5》班):


高级班 (《挑战考试》辅导班  )融入BC省挑战考试的形式与内容,为升入大学作为第二外语加分。这个阶段的教学内容包括:用故事的形式讲解中国历史和人物,学习国学经典《论语》等,阅读《三国演义》、《西游记》等名著,激发学生对中国传统文化的兴趣,为将来进一步学习中文打下坚实的基础。



There are classes of preschool (from age 4),  grade 1 ~ 12 and challenge test.

According to the special needs of oversea-students, different ages and the entrance requirements of local universities, we designed an unique curriculum for the Chinese courses in this school with a systematic consideration.

The followings are the course introductions:

Interesting Happy Chinese Class: Students will learn daily expressions (such as animals, furniture, household appliances, family names, plant flowers, etc.) by means of hand-drawn cards, games, children’s songs and poetry readings. Through these activities, students are able to perceive the beauty and rhythm of Chinese language.

Hanyu Pinyin Training Class: The teaching contents of this class are synchronized with the local preschool program. The students will systematically learn the pronunciation, writing and spelling of Hanyu Pinyin by the similarity of spelling and writing between English and Hanyu Pinyin. Through these activities, students will firmly grasp the tool “Hanyu Pinyin” and lay a good foundation for listening, speaking, reading and writing in the future when he/she learn Chinese further.

Grade 1~4 Classes: Students will mainly focus on a comprehensive training on the Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. The corresponding learning activities will also be introduced based on the different ages.

Grade 1 (Children’s Songs & Small Drama Class): Students will learn how to sing children’s songs, and how to play a simple drama.

Grade 2 (Presentation & Story Performance Class): The fairy tales, folk tales, myths and historical stories will be introduced in the class. Through learning letters, words, sentences and verbal expression, students will lay a good foundation for the future Chinese writing.

Grade 3 (Presentation & Idiom Story Performance Class): More Chinese idioms will be learnt in the class. Through the idiom story and understanding the meaning of idioms, students will learn how to use idioms properly and enrich the Chinese vocabulary further.

Grade 4 (Presentation & Storytelling Performance Class): The supplementary idioms and stories will be learnt in the class. Through the idiom stories, students will learn the ethics, philosophy, how to behavior, culture & character, and improve their ability of Chinese writing and oral expression.

Grades 5~7 Classes: Students will learn “Three Character Classic”, “One Hundred Characters”, “Thousand Character Texts” and “Disciple Rules” by memorizing and understanding their meanings. The students will also learn how to write an essay according to a graph or vise versa.

Grade 5 (Reciting “Three Character Classic” & Story Class): More Chinese idioms will be learnt in the class. Through the idiom stories and understanding the meaning of idioms, students will learn how to use appropriate idioms and enrich Chinese vocabulary further.

Grade 6 (Family Tree Tracking Class): The supplementary idioms and stories will be learnt in the class. Through the idiom stories, students will learn the ethics, philosophy, how to behavior, culture & character, and improve their ability of Chinese writing and oral expression.)

Grade 8~12 Classes: It will focus on cultivating students’ literary accomplishments. By reading classical works and poems, writing counseling, current affairs analysis, reading newspapers and writing, students will further learn the Chinese traditional culture and know about China’s humanities and history.)

Advanced Classes: Through incorporating the form and content of BC Provincial Challenges exam, students will get an additional credit as a second foreign language. The class content includes: Explaining Chinese history and characters in the form of stories; Learning the Analects of Confucius of Guoxue classics; Reading the famous novels such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West; Stimulating students’ interest in Chinese traditional culture and laying a solid foundation for a further Chinese learning.

It is worth mentioning that the students from this school passed the precious provincial challenge test by 100%.



本校使用的中文教材可在此下载 / The text book used in the school could be downloaded here: