Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

每个年级有哪些主要特点 (What are key points in each grade)?

  • 学前启蒙兴趣班 (重点学习日常词汇) / Pre-school Enlightenment Interest Class (Daily vocabulary focused): 


Students will learn daily vocabulary (such as animals, furniture, household appliances, family titles, plants and flowers, etc.) through hand-drawn cards, games, and nursery rhymes. By this way, students will perceive the beauty of Chinese artistic conception and rhythm.

  • 汉语拼音训练班 (重点学习汉语拼音) / Chinese Pinyin Training Class (Chinese Pinyin focused): 


The course content is synchronized with the local children’s syllabus in China. Based on the similarity in writing between English characteristics and Chinese Pinyin, students could systematically learn the pronunciation, writing, spelling and tones of Chinese Pinyin.

  • 1 年级 (重点学习儿歌、简单的话剧表演) / Grade 1 (Nursery rhymes and simple drama performances focused):   


Students will learn how to sing nursery rhymes and simple drama performances.

  • 2 年级 (重点学习口语表达能力) / Grade 2 (Oral expression skill focused):  


Students will learn words, words, sentences and oral expression skills through listening and learning fairy tales, folk tales, myths and historical stories, 

  • 3 年级 (重点学习汉语成语) / Grade 3 (Chinese idioms focused):  


Students will how to use appropriate idiom expressions, and further enrich Chinese vocabulary through learning Chinese idiom stories and understanding the meaning of idioms.

  • 4 年级(重点提高汉语书面和口头的表达能力) / Grade 4 (Chinese written and oral expression ability focused):  


Students will learn philosophies, behave, culture, and characters through idioms, allusions and stories, as well as improve their Chinese written and oral expression ability.

  • 5和6 年级 (重点学习《三字经》和《弟子规》) / Grades 5 and 6 (“San Zi Jing” and “Di Zi Gui” focused):


Grades 5 and 6 (“San Zi Jing” and “Di Zi Gui” focused):     Students will study “San Zi Jing” and “Di Zi Gui”, recite and understand their meanings, and perform writing exercises with using pictures and texts.

  • 7 年级 (重点培养学生的文学素养) / Grade 7 (Cultivating students’ literary literacy focused): 


Students will further study Chinese traditional culture, understand Chinese human history and allusions through reading classical masterpieces and poems, composition guidance, current affairs analysis, newspaper reading and writing, etc.

  • 中文高级班 / Chinese Advanced Class: 


Integrate into the form and content of the BC Challenge Exam, and use Chinese as a second foreign language to add points when applying for university or college.


退款规定有哪些 (What’s the refund policy)?

开学后的两周内可退款 (Refund could be made within 2 weeks from the 1st day of each term. There is no refund after 2 weeks).